If you are in the Triad of the lovely state of North Carolina (Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and all points in between) and want to get together to talk, share, question, listen, and think together about the church's relationship to the emerging culture around - THEN - come on out and join the conversation.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Scot & Tony Rock the House

This weekend's conversation was amazing. Tripp and I will have the podcasts up very soon. They will be on The Greensboro Abbey's site. Look for them in the "Abbey Sounds" section.

I had a great time with you all. I just e-mailed Anthony Smith with this idea and I want to pitch it to you all here. I really would like to see the cohorts from Charlotte, Raleigh, and The Triad get together maybe once a year. I propose...for discussion, that we look at gathering at the Franciscan Prayer Center in Stoneville, NC in the fall. It is just north of Greensboro, so it will not be a long trek for anyone coming from the surrounding cohorts. I know the rector there. Plus it is beautiful new facility. You will fall in love with the place...I promise. Let's have some serious conversation on this.

I think we did some good tilling and seeding this weekend. I want to make sure we water, fertilize, and tend. I believe Emergent folk are attempting to embrace God's present future that is becoming from ancient roots rather than fighting to maintain a sentimental religious memory. That motivates and excites me on a daily basis. I hope it does you as well.


Tripp said...

Word Up

Steve K. said...

I like the idea of a Carolina cohort gathering. I say Carolina because I think it'd be great to include SC folks, as well.

Let's talk about dates and costs and get something on the calendar!

Anonymous said...


I like where your heads at! I'll check on some dates, get a price tag, and try to get that out this week.